Mr. Ballinger's favorite success quote is "If you want to live big, you've got to give big". And that is a principle that he has learned at a very young age. Sam has big dreams for becoming a successful entrepreneur and changing the world. But he's not doing it for himself because the world is so much bigger than just him. From the beginning, Sam has dedicated his whole career to help the "less fortunate" by raising money to lift people out of poverty, hunger, sickness, and trafficking around the world. At age 14, he started his entrepreneurial career by going door-to-door and mowing lawns in his local city, called Burnsville. At age 15, he started his first, legitimate Company which is now called Silver Lining Company. Sam Ballinger founded Silver Lining Company to raise money to help others around the world and to advance his career to bigger opportunities as an entrepreneur. His vision is to change and inspire the world!

“If You Want To Live Big, You’ve Got To Give Big”
— Sam Ballinger